Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: Decals. And Decals. And More Decals.

When I’d first committed to building this CR.42 as a commission build model, I thought I could execute a reasonable smoke ring camo scheme.

It turns out I cannot. Between my shaky hands, cataracts, and a general deficiency in talent for smoke rings, I realized after three attempts I just could not do the quality of work I’d like. Thankfully, Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville, NC, the best hobby shop in this world and most of the others, came to the rescue with smoke ring decals from Tauro Models. (I would have used Mike Grant’s decals, but I needed them quick! But check out Mike’s site!)

Now, the Tauro decals worked great, no problems at all. 

Except for the nine hours of decaling it took to cover this little plane… 

So I’m sort of cross-eyed when it comes to decals.

But those are some pretty stylin’ smoke rings.

Next up is the weathering!

2 responses to “Italeri’s 1/48 CR.42: Decals. And Decals. And More Decals.”

  1. But very nice job with those decals indeed Jon – 9 hours well spent! (this is an insane hobby!)


    1. Or is it the modelers who are insane? 🙂


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