Macross Tomahawk! Part 3: Adding Rust, Grime, Dirt and Finish!

The Wave Macross Tomahawk is finished. But I’m not ready for it be so!

With most kits, I enjoy the ride, and have great fun. Still, towards the end of a build, I start looking forward to the next one enough that I’m generally ready to move on.

But not with this one. I realized I was actually dragging it out a bit. Not only was the process extremely enjoyable, the thing just looked so very cool. It’s rare for me to spend much time just looking at a model. While I’m building it, I’ll look at with what I guess you’d call “professional interest”, to examine the elements of it as I work.

Yet I can only recall a handful of times that I’ve actually just admired a model. And by that I don’t mean admired my work… but rather the design itself. The Tomahawk has a heft and purposeful look that few other designs have in my opinion. The lines of say “combat machine”. There’s no angsty teen piloting this big chunk of steel. 🙂

Final Weathering Touches For The Macross Tomahawk

Quite often the final few steps on any model can be a “make or break” exercise. Too little, or too much, can detract from the overall finish. And while the rust, grime, and dirt may be the last few steps, they are often what goes a long way to selling a nice depth of finish.

I tried to be a bit restrained on this phase, as I didn’t want the look to convey a poorly maintained vehicle. But I still wanted enough to sell that it’s a machine of war. I’ll leave it up to viewers to determine if I succeeded!

If you can find this model, it’s definitely worth building! I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to do so.

Check that box on the bucket list!

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