Primaris Impulsor Part 1 – Painting The Interior

I’ve always enjoyed painting the interiors of plastic models. When I was a kid, I just loved getting the Monogram bomber kits, such as the B-17 or B-29. These were loaded with interior parts and details, and made for great fun.

After I restarted modeling in 2006, I continued this trend, always looking for kits that had nicely detailed interiors, with plenty of greeblies to obsess over.

When I’d first moved over to building scifi, I was a bit worried I’d miss out on the fun. But then I found Warhammer 40K.

Primaris Impulsor – Interior Fun!

Happily, when I started building Warhammer 40K kits from Games Workshop, I found all the greeblies and details I’d wanted. So many of their kit feature exquisite innards – more than enough to satisfy any detail painter.

This Space Marines Primaris Impulsor is no exception. The crew carrying compartment features a variety of details and surfaces that allow the modeler to paint and weather quite a bit, resulting in a wonderful looking feature once the model is completed.

I opted to paint this model in the colors of the Salamanders chapter, which gives a nice green backdrop for all the details and weathering. The seats were painted with a glazing method to really try and bring out a leathery gradient. And of course the panel full of dials and buttons is always great fun. And the floor panels allow for so much opportunity for chipping and grime. It’s almost as if the interior is a kit unto itself!

Even if you don’t have any plans to play 40K, I highly recommend building one of the kits from the tabletop game. They go together quite easily, and the cast detail is wonderfully sharp, inviting a wide variety of painting and weathering techniques to be applied.

And the best part is, once the interior is completed, I get to paint and weather the exterior! Bonus!

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