Working With Resin Conversions – Warhammer 40k Chimera Part 1

Working with resin conversions can often seem a little intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. But like anything else in scale modeling the key is to arm yourself with some basic information, a few simple tools, and a willingness to give it a try.

This video focuses on getting a modeler started with making use of resin conversion and add-ons. And while the specifics shown are for the Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Chimera APC, the basic principles can apply to any conversion set.

Working With Resin Conversions

I think the primary thing to know about working with resin is safety. A resin part can be treated as you would any plastic part most of the time. Parts prep, priming, painting, and weathering will all be very familiar to even an inexperienced modeler.

However, one aspect of working with resin requires some critical safety measures – sanding. Sanding resin produces a very fine dust that if inhaled can cause serious health risks. However, two simple steps can mitigate the risk to allow a modeler to work safely – wear a proper respirator, and always employ wet sanding.

The Chimera Kit

I’ve built the Chimera kit before, and had a great time with it. It is easy to assemble, looks quite cool, and is loads of fun to paint and weather. Even if you’re not a Warhammer 40K player, this model can be enjoyed by any modeler. (And it is one of the more affordable kits in the 40K range!)

Utilizing a resin conversion set to change it from a tracked vehicle to a six-wheeled APC really hooked me. As soon as I saw the parts, I immediately knew this was a project I needed to take on.

Where To Get The Parts

The parts used in this video series are from Blood and Skull Industry. Please be sure and check out there Ebay store. They have loads of cool conversion and add-on parts for a wide variety of Warhammer 40K kits.

The parts used in this series:

If you’ve never built a Warhammer 40K kit from Citadel, be sure and check out the Chimera. Out of the box or with a conversion set will induce loads of modeling fun!

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