Using Style As A Tool – Are You Overlooking It?

Using style as a tool might seem like an odd thing to consider. A tool is something you can hold in your hand, like a hobby knife or a paintbrush. A style is more abstract though. A notion, a description. it’s just not tangible.

Or is it?

I’d actually examined this notion a few years ago in a blog article. That was in the BV days… Before Video. 🙂 So I figured why not dust that off, talk about it, and feed the YouTube algorithm a bit.

Using Style As A Tool

While the idea is certainly a bit abstract, I think it gets more into focus as we examine it. A physical hobby tool, like a hobby knife, is really just a way to accomplish something. Many somethings, perhaps. And while the single task it may be used for in the overall process is important, it’s not the thing. It’s a method that in the process that gets us to the thing.

I think style can be viewed that way. It’s sort of an “uber-tool” that guides the other tools in a focused way, moving us towards a specific finished that is aligned with that style and its unique properties. So while it’s not wielded about like a hobby knife or brush, it is useful in accomplishing the expected result. In fact, I’d submit it helps us better focus and clarify that expected result in our minds eye.

Then the pursuit becomes one of exploring various styles – Spanish style, abstract style, modulated style, ‘eavy metal style… all of these have varied looks, tools, and methods associated with them. By deciding on a style (or combination of them!) from the start, we can then move through the build easily.

And when we get to the expected end successfully, well that’s just fun.

Isn’t that what it’s really about?

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