Painting Star Wars Legion’s Bossk – A Tail Of Two Lizards

Painting Star Wars Legion’s Bossk is something I’ve been looking forward to. I’ve had the mini for several months, but it took me a while to get him scheduled into the rotation.

The sculpt is wonderful, as are all of the Star Wars Legion models I’ve built. The details are very sharp, and raised enough to make painting quite easy. Of course, as with any model, “easy” is a relative term.

Painting Star Wars Legion’s Bossk

After painting Gaunt’s Ghosts a while back, I wanted to tackle a single mini rather than a whole squad. That would allow me to focus more on improving my painting, and not be rushed to get through multiple figures.

The theory was sound, and I do think it worked out somewhat that way. But it also further underscored how much more practice I need. It’s a worthwhile pursuit though, as I think the painting skills learned from working with gaming miniatures will really help in my other modeling.

I think the biggest single issue I have is simply getting decent blends between colors. Guys like Mark Sorastro and Duncan Rhodes make it look far easier than it is, at least in my estimation. I know getting better at any modeling skill requires patience and repetition. But actually doing it will underscore just how much it will take.

And I’ve got a ways to go.

Still, I feel I learned a lot from this that will help me going forward. And it’s not that I want to be a “mini painter” in the exclusive sense. I plan to keep on building other scifi subjects that roll, fly and shoot. But there is something appealing to me about painting a small figure. It’s much like what I did in my youth slapping a few coats of paint on my toy soldiers to make them appear a bit different.

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