The Space Marines Storm Speeder – Painting & Weathering

The Space Marines Storm Speeder is one of those “perfect” kits in my opinion. It assembles quickly, has several cool gun options, and is loaded with greeblies. As with any GW kit, it’s not cheap at $70. But if you build and play Warhammer 40K, you already know that going in. And in terms of cost divided by fun, it’s high on the list of “worth it”.

The Space Marines Storm Speeder

I chose to paint the Storm Speeder in the colors of the Space Wolves chapter. While I think the Wolves are cool enough, my real motivation was the colors – I just love that “baby blue” look with the bits of yellow and red. The colors just pop out at me.

And I definitely went for a brighter, cleaner look. I like seeing the “grim dark” look of course, but many times I prefer “happy bright”. So call this a “happy bright space puppy”. 😊

In any event, it was a lot of fun to paint and weather. I definitely feel I got my money’s worth!

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