The Kratos Heavy Assault Tank: Horus Heresy Heavy Hitter

The Kratos Heavy Assault Tank is the kind of model that appeals to 10-year-old Jon in a deep way. It’s big. it’s tough looking. It’s covered in shooty-shooty boom-boom guns. This is the kind of tank that adorned the margins of all my elementary school work, the grocery store bag covers of my books, and the outside of all my folders.

It’s not so far from reality to be silly, but yet futuristic enough to have a very high cool factor.

I think Games Workshop could have put this in one of the white boxes, with black text, and it could have simply read “Heavy SciFi Tank”, and that would have pretty much summed it up.

The Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

The model is a pleasure to build, with no issues coming up during construction. Careful trimming of sprue attachment point and reasonable test fitting will yield a very nice result. A few joins benefit from an application of Mr. Surfacer 500 and a cleanup with cotton buds dipped in alcohol. Apart from that, a quick primer coat has it ready to be painted.

For this model, I chose a stippling type method using very thin paint to create a distressed and slightly modulated look. While not as fast as using an airbrush, I think it results in a finish that sets the stage for the weathering to come.

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