Deep Thoughts: Growing In The Hobby

Most all of us want to grow in our hobby. Regardless of whether it’s building Gundam, Maschinen Krieger, Star Wars, or any other scifi or traditional genre, improving the final results of our plastic scale models is a great goal.

Yet often we encounter obstacles to growth. And in reflecting on my own experience, and observing others, quite often that obstacles is… us!

This video takes a look at overcoming fear and doubt, taking an objective approach to evaluating our work, and being prepared for the long haul in order to reach our goals.

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One response to “Deep Thoughts: Growing In The Hobby”

  1. I upgraded to an airbrush only three years ago, and then I had a two year long pause in the hobby, only doing minor things like cleaning up a ship or submarine hull.
    What has been important for me, is to not spend the next 5 years improving my airbrush skills. I wanted to get things done good, sooner rather than later and I think that desire was in deed important, to avoid making lots of models and then not caring too much about what could be done better. A major improvment was to finally learn to thin the paint, but also, and equally important, to always sift the Vallejo primer and color paint, else risk clogging a lot of the times. I found three bits of paint, when I sifted my glossy black primer bottle, and that bottle I had started using very, very recently, like the week before.

    On the flip side, I will acknowledge that I don’t have the patience to work critically with every aspect of a kit, so I just shrug and think things will improve over time and with practice.

    I now have joy working with parallel projects, and taking my time to clean up smaller kits that don’t require that much work. I have learned to use sprue goo, to avoid just using putty, which isn’t a good material to scribe into, not as good as regular plastic though.

    I learned that, once I manage to get rid of my past annoyances using an airbrush, getting clogging all the time I could now enjoy focusing on other issues and now experiencing for the first time, that I can use primer paint, to get that perfect or 100% smooth surface across a seam, after sanding down with 2500 grit sanding sponge. Getting rid of the seams is very important imo. Even though models tend to look nice anyway from a 50 cm distance. 🙂


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