Primaris Impulsor Part 3 – Weathering Games Workshops’ Warhammer 40K Floating APC

The Primaris Impulsor is finished. And guess what?

I loved it.

It’s to the point that I feel I might as well just come up with a standard, copy-and paste, boilerplate set of paragraphs for any Warhammer 40K kit.

They’re simply fun. No issues with fit, plenty of sharp detail, and they look really cool. Paint them with an airbrush, a brush… maybe an old sock of a stalk of broccoli. You’ll still have fun. (Hang on while I make note of that idea for a future video… 😉 )

Weathering The Primaris Impulsor

For the weathering, I stuck to some fairly simple steps. The chipping, then streaking and stains, and finally environmental effects. It can seem a bit formulaic I suppose, but I have found that by switching out product types and styles, the “rut of sameness” can be avoid.

As I quite often do with my Warhammer builds, I stuck to acrylic products. While historical and modern armor builders tend to favor enamels and oils, gaming’s focus is “get it to the gaming table”. Making use of acrylics just makes sense in those cases.

And while acrylics aren’t as flexible in some ways, careful application will win the day. My general “plan of attack” is to add them in smaller amounts, allowing layers to be built up. This “additive” process helps avoid most of the tidemarks and other anomalies acrylics are often associated with.

I do think at some point I’ll reverse things a bit, and approach a build as if it were a traditional armor kit. I think it would be interesting to see.

The Primaris Impulsor isn’t the coolest looking vehicle. And it doesn’t have giant guns. It’s basically a floating APC. Still, in terms of “pound for pound” fun, it’s top of the class. There are so many little features to weather, nooks to stain, and crannies to dust.

Give it a shot – whether you’ve built Warhammer 40K before or not, I think you’ll enjoy it!

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